♦"Excellent practice, Dr. Toms and Dr. Klima are the two best doctors I’ve ever had. They truly care about their patients and the success of the treatment. I would highly recommend them, especially to those needing adult orthodontic work. My adult braces journey has been challenging but the work of Dr. Toms and Dr. Klima have been amazing so far, I can’t wait for the final results!
♦"After high recommendations from my family members, I made an appointment for an Invisalign consultation and decided to move forward after consulting with Dr. Toms and their staff."
♦"I visited this office today for a consultation. I was very pleased with everything, from scheduling, to checkout. They squeezed me in for an appointment on a day they were already booked, but it was my only day off. I was able to see Dr. Toms and he was so personable, friendly and knowlegeable. I asked a million questions, but he was so patient and helpful, I was really astonished by how nice they all were! The assistant was very friendly and helpful. When it was time to discuss cost with Laura, she was also very nice, and explained everything thoroughly. There are thousands of Orthodontist to choose from, but just because I like the way their staff treats their patients, I will choose them! I also met Dr. Klima, he just came in to say "Hello," although I wasnt actually seeing him that day. Very warm and friendly. Can't wait to start my treatment!"
♦"I've seen both Dr. Toms and Dr. Klima and I've had great experiences with both of them, in addition to all of their staff.  The doctors and their assistants are very thorough at explaining the process and procedure so you're never laying there wondering what they're doing to your mouth.  The front office does a great job at fitting me in for appointments and they're very friendly.  Everybody that I've encountered here has been so personable and knowledgeable.  I look forward to completing my treatment here!"
♦"Dr. Klima is a gifted Orthodontist and a very nice person with a professional staff that follows his lead in making you feel comfortable and confident. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone in need of orthodontic work."
♦"As an adult wearing braces for a second time, he's in touch with my surgeon and has come up with the perfect plan for me, I'm so happy with the care that I have been receiving from Dr. Klima and his team. I can't wait to see my results!"
We love this clinic and the sweet care my daughter gets. They explain everything well and the approach to braces was a gentle one without the amount of discomfort she was expecting. Highly recommend.
♦ “I was at the beach this summer with my dad’s side of the family who live in a small, close-knit rural town. They were talking about how even in their close community, a man lost several teeth because they couldn’t find a doctor who was willing to come in on a Sunday. At that point I realized how Fairfax actually is a close community even if it isn’t small or rural, and that we not only have some of the best doctors in the world, but also some of the most caring.
"About two months ago I was playing in a soccer tournament on a Saturday night and ended up holding one tooth in my hand, while using the other hand to stop the bleeding from my three other bent teeth and large rip in my lip. My dad rushed me to the emergency room. My lip was not looking good, and they worried about me losing three permanent teeth, but one doctor, Dr. Duggan, worked on me for three hours and did an incredible job. He sewed me up so well that there was no need for surgery and not much scarring. He then spoke to my dentist, Dr. Johnson, who agreed to meet us at his office at 11:30 that Saturday night with an assistant. After he stabilized my teeth at midnight, he then called Dr. Zadeh, an oral surgeon that he knew, and scheduled an appointment for me on Sunday morning. Dr. Zadeh arrived with his sister-in-law (she is a medical assistant for another practice) because he could not find an assistant to come in on such short notice. Dr. Zadeh performed a procedure to splint my broken bridge and re-align my broken teeth. Finally, on Monday, I went to my orthodontist, Dr. Klima."
“He knew that I would be self-conscious about my puffy elephant face so he told me to come in during his lunchtime. When I saw him he had already spoken to Dr. Johnson and Dr. Zadeh. He said that he would put my braces back on if I needed them without charge. Did I mention that I had just gotten my braces off on Friday, the day before this happened? As I look back now, I realize that I probably wouldn’t have a full set of teeth if it weren’t for these doctors. Fairfax County may not be considered a small town by others’ standards, but because of the caring network that took care of me, it feels like a small town to me.”
(As printed in the Burke Connection Newspaper)
♦ “My children have been seeing Dr. Klima for the last few years for braces and it has been an excellent experience. Dr. Klima had seen them long before they were ready for braces (referred through our dentist), and so once we started, they were already familiar with him.
“The treatment was thoroughly explained, our dental insurance was filed, and I’ve had nothing but good experiences scheduling visits (and have found them to be quite flexible). I have no hesitation recommending Dr. Klima to anyone needing orthodontic services; it’s so relaxing to have a medical professional whom you trust and whose office is run professionally.”
♦ “I was treated by Dr. Klima from seventh to ninth grade, and he has done an extraordinary job with my teeth. He was always really patient and nice, and has worked on a lot of my friends. As long as you listen to him and wear your rubber bands and do whatever he tells you to, your teeth should turn our beautifully. In any case, Dr. Klima looks at you and treats the WHOLE you. He takes care of your overbite/underbite, your teeth and their alignment, your jaw alignment — he’s awesome. I still see him whenever I get back home from college, and I wear my retainer every night. The front desk ladies are also really nice!”
♦ “Both of my children have had braces on their teeth. I like Dr. Klima very much and believe he does a very good job with patients. The office staff are very nice and the system they have set up in the back keeps patients on time and out the door while giving attention to what is needed for care.”
♦ “I went to Dr. Klima and took my 19-year-old daughter to him as well. I am now initiating orthodontics for my 12-year-old, and Dr. Klima is first on my list of a preferable orthodontist. I always find Dr. Klima a kind, approachable, and knowledgeable person. Considering the price we were given by one of his competitors and the evasive approach to treatment that another orthodonist suggested to correcting my daughter’s teeth, I feel that Dr. Klima offered high-quality, fair-value treatment.”
♦ “As a teenager, I went to Dr. Klima. Today, I take my children to him. I trust him like crazy, and he has fixed everything from super-complicated teeth that required jaw surgery to straightforward braces. I also like that he doesn’t rush to put braces on younger kids, as do so many orthodontists these days, as he knows it often requires a second round. The office staff is unbelievably polite and helpful.”
♦ “Dr. Klima’s office is run very efficiently and they are always pleasant and flexible with scheduling. As we are military, Dr. Klima has worked with us to complete orthodontic care prior to our next move. We could not be more pleased with the service we receive and highly recommend Dr. Klima.”
♦ Thanks for making my smile beautiful.... You're awesome.
♦ Dr Klima and his staff have one of the most caring offices around. They are always so kind and friendly to the patients. They give excellent care and are experts at Orthodontics! I would highly recommend them!
♦ Dr. Klima truly sets the bar for genuine and excellent care in Northern Virginia. He is an Invisalign expert and one of the kindest people I know. The entire team at Klima Orthodontics have my highest recommendation.
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